Pro voice over recording for radio tv commercials, telephone IVR voicemail systems, web internet flash narration, business presentations powerpoint, promos and movie trailers, auto attendant telephone systems.
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Pro voice over recording for radio tv commercials, telephone IVR voicemail systems, web internet flash narration, business presentations powerpoint, promos and movie trailers, auto attendant telephone systems.

Multi-media Presentations to Train and Inform

There will always be new products and new services. There will always be new procedures and requirements. And there will always be new employees. As a result, there will always be a need for training in the corporate – business - industrial environment. One of the best ways to provide training to anyone is in a combination of visual and audio elements, the multimedia presentation.

You not only want your audience to watch and listen to the training presentation, you want them to understand it and retain the lessons and messages that were covered. Study after study shows that audiences walk away with a greater understanding if the presentation was voiced by professional, experienced voice artists. Professional voiceover brings your training materials to life, tells your story, and enhances comprehension and retention.

Business training comes in all shape, sizes, and forms. Most training presentations are put together by people who are not necessarily production experts or talent agents, and most probably have their hands full with other parts of your project. They simply want the right voice and expert studio production to make the presentation a resounding success.

Voices On Call releases you from the hassle and time consuming tasks of voice and audio production giving you a turnkey solution that gets you the quality, professional narration voices backed with broadcast-quality sound.

Our experienced team with its hands on approach is what makes Voices On Call different. Our creative team of voiceover artists, casting agents, producers, and audio engineers will take your project from concept to completion. We do it all for you – auditions and voiceover casting, complete project management, studio session scheduling, recording and talent direction, post production, and all other aspects through to delivery of the finished audio.

If you want voice only, we can do it – in English and numerous other languages. If you want a complete turnkey production with music, sound effects, copywriting, sure, we can do that too.

The voice talents and creative team at Voices On Call work with all forms of corporate and business training including Industrial videos, CDs and DVDs, narration, sales videos, tutorials, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, Flash projects, and more. On projects both large and small, you gain access to more that 2,000 experienced voiceover artists and to the personal service from the audio production professional team at Voices On Call.

The next step in getting your training project in front of your audience is easy. Just let us know by doing one of the following:

1. Search our talent pool here online for the perfect voice for your project. Once you hear a voice you would like to use, submit your project details and script to us. [Search for Voices]

2. Or have us recommend the best voice artists for you. Just submit your script, or draft script, along with your project details and description of the type and sound of voice you would like to use. We will go through our talent roster and find the best voice choices for your review. [Click to Submit Your Project]

Voiceover for Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is both an idyllic and majestic slice of land, and a major contributor to the culture and economic history of the world. The first American college, library, newspaper, printing press and public park were established here, and it's the home state of four American Presidents.

From the fishing village of Gloucester to the tip of Cape Cod, and from the seaport culture of Boston - across the state to its western border, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the cornerstone of America.

Major Cities: Amherst, Boston, Cambridge, Springfield, Worcester

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