Pro voice over recording for radio tv commercials, telephone IVR voicemail systems, web internet flash narration, business presentations powerpoint, promos and movie trailers, auto attendant telephone systems.
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Pro voice over recording for radio tv commercials, telephone IVR voicemail systems, web internet flash narration, business presentations powerpoint, promos and movie trailers, auto attendant telephone systems.

Adding the Human Story to History

Remember those old documentaries that seemed to drag on and on forever and almost put the viewers to sleep? Fortunately, those days are gone. The day of the long, boring, documentary is over. Today, documentaries are more that just a laundry list of facts, more than just a bunch of events that happened, read with a monotone sounding announcer voice. Successful documentaries are stories that combine the historic facts with the human experience. They are real, true human stories. Those stories are brought to life by experienced voice talents who are much more than just narrators, they have to be story tellers.

Relieve yourself from the risks of finding that just right voice to match your visuals and hoping that things turn out as you expected. Successful documentary production is no place for amateurs or inexperienced voices. Projects of this caliber require so much more than just a voice talent. There is also a director and an audio engineer required to insure that things get done right.

The creative, experienced team of voiceover artists, directors, and audio producers at Voices On Call will add life and story to your documentary script to give it realism and the human expression and emotion that it requires. You work only with experienced voice professionals who understand documentaries. The end result you receive is great service, compelling reads, and audio delivered in broadcast quality sound.

Free yourself from the risks of trying to produce a professional result on your own. Working directly with our casting director and audio engineers, you let us know your individual project goals and specifications. We’ll do all the legwork from there, starting with providing you with the best selection of talented and creative voices to choose from. After you have chosen the perfect voice for your documentary, we’ll take care of the recording sessions, any retakes, all the way through post production and delivery of the finished spots.

Voices On Call will be there with you and your project every step of the way, from concept to completion. All our services are customized and comprehensive. We can get you voice only reads, if that is what you like, or provide you with script copywriting, voice, music, sound effects, and full audio production. All in any of a list of numerous languages, accents, and read styles.

It’s time you benefited from the responsibility and skill of the creative, imaginative team and expert professional audio production studios of Voices On Call.

When you are ready for your script to be told in a compelling way, let us know by doing one of the following:

• Search our talent pool here online for the perfect voice for your project. Once you hear a voice you would like to use, submit your project details and script to us. [Search for Voices]

• Or have us recommend the best voice artists for you. Just submit your script, or draft script, along with your project details and description of the type and sound of voice you would like to use. We will go through our talent roster and find the best voice choices for your review. [Click to Submit Your Project]

Voiceover for Nevada.

Tourism is without doubt the financial backbone and the largest industry in Nevada. The glittering up-all-night city of Las Vegas alone attracts million and millions of tourists each year. Add Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe ski resorts, Laughlin, Reno and the state's stunning topography to the mix, and Nevada quickly becomes one of the most exciting convention and vacation destinations on the planet.

Major Cities: Las Vegas, Reno

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